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What a week!

This post isn’t really like my usual content, but I think it’s worth sharing a quick update on what’s been happening. I’ve had a run of bad luck this week, which as much as I wouldn’t want it to, has impacted my training.

I guess I should start with Sunday the 13th, which is where things first started to go wrong. Upon waking up and realising the heating hadn’t come on my wife went to look at the control panel, to find no power to it. We then realised there was no power to the rest of the house and the circuit board had tripped. I managed to work out which circuit was causing it and get power back to the rest of the house. But we had no power in the living room or kitchen, most importantly no internet. When you’ve got a toddler, not having Peppa the $%£^$%^ Pig means no peace and quiet. Just for the record, we don’t have a child who watches tv all day, but it helps to pop it on to get jobs done.

So there was a bit of panic, phoning around electricians and worrying about what this was going to cost. After a couple of hours, I got hold of someone who advised me to unplug everything and turn the switch back on. If it doesn’t trip, then plug everything back in one by one until it does. Then, you’ll hopefully find an appliance which is causing it, and I did! It was the dishwasher, so I’ve now been promoted to chief dishwasher ☹

Fast forward to Tuesday and I’m just about to head out to my first face to face Goju Ryu lesson. My wife noticed Sherlock was licking his paw. Upon looking closer he had a big sore lump on there. So, no Karate for me, a trip to the vets it was. The vet seemed quite concerned, which worried me a lot. There was talk of possibly having to operate to remove it, but as a first step Sherlock had to wear a cone of shame and take Penicillin to treat what the vet identified as a cist. He also pointed out that Sherlock was overweight and needed to shed some pounds. I couldn’t argue on that front. Which leads me onto my next problem.

As Sherlock is wearing a cone of shame, he struggles to climb the stairs. We’re both working from home now and we’re using a bedroom as an office. The dogs usually like to sit up there with us. On Wednesday I heard Sherlock at the bottom of the stairs, so I went to bring him up. On picking him up I felt a familiar pain in my chest. I’d aggravated my Costochondritis, and subsequently was in pain every time I breathed. Now I was expecting this to happen at some point with my increased training, but I never expected it to happen like that! So, I’ve had to drastically reduce my training, in order not to make it any worse ☹.

Lastly on Saturday when I arrived at my caravan, my van sounded like it had an angry elf under the bonnet with a hammer. Suspected DMF on its way out, so Sunday my van was recovered, and I called my sister to pick us up. It’s a costly repair, and hopefully one that’s covered under warranty.

On a slightly positive note, Sunday i managed to knock 10s off my 1 mile time!

All in all, not the best week. Definitely one where my mental toughness was tested. I had to keep reminding myself that there is always someone else worse off. This reminder is what gets me through most difficult times, because it’s true.


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