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The Opposite of Training

Today’s post is somewhat the opposite of what I intended this blog to be about, but it feels rather important as it’s something we will all encounter at some point. Today’s post is about not training.

So, this weekend just gone we took the opportunity of a weekend away with just the little one, leaving the dogs with my dad who was visiting for a few weeks. The plan was Friday-Monday of blissful relaxation, getting away from work, and all the troubles associated. The reality when you have a toddler is somewhat different.

The first thing being that opportunity to exercise was somewhat limited with where I was. Now I know some people will think surely you can find time. But our routine, no matter how hectic it is, is what allows us to find time usually. Without a routine and working around a toddler who thinks 4am is time to play, makes it somewhat difficult. So, I was in full acceptance that I wouldn’t train, and instead would look forward to my Monday night Goju Ryu lesson at 6.30pm.

So, Monday arrived, I promptly stopped eating all the treats I’d been enjoying up to that point because I was going to get back to normal that day. It got to around 6.15 when I pulled my iPad out to join the Zoom session and the battery was dead. 15 minutes wasn’t going to be enough to charge it, and the battery used during the Zoom would be more than the charge it could take at the same time (New iPad needed?). That was a knockback I hadn’t planned for, I’d assured myself Monday would be the day, and now it wasn’t going to happen. Add to this that I was absolutely shattered from the weekend but still keen to be put through a good workout, I did what anyone else would do and reached for the Just-Eat app.

Now I can’t help feeling bad about not training for 4 days, even though I have trained 6 of 7 days a week for around the last 4 months. Did I deserve the break, or should I have put in more effort and found opportunities to train?

Today I have a Goju Ryu lesson in the evening and I have written my Shotokan training sessions for Wednesday/Thursday, with the weekend reserved for a mixture of strength and fitness training to hopefully counteract some of the damage I did whilst away.


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