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Strength & Bag Work

This weekend I was able to get to the gym on Saturday morning. I didn’t really have a plan on what I was going to do (not the best start), but being my first time there since they reopened, I was excited.

It’s a small private gym which is great as it’s usually quiet. When I arrived the door was still locked which with most gyms would not be a good sign. However, being the gym that it is I was able to let myself in and make a start. Every area has cleaning spray and towels to wipe the equipment down afterwards, and shortly after I’d got started the owner arrived to check everything over and do a bit of extra cleaning.

I started with a good warmup, taking extra care with anything that required use of chest muscles as I didn’t want to set off my Costochondritis. By this point I’d decided I would focus on back and shoulder, working in a range of 6-8 reps for 4 sets. As it was a couple of months since I’d last lifted weights, I felt this was a sensible rep range for me. If it was your first time in a gym, I’d suggest 10-12 reps for 3 sets. This is a good starting point whilst you become comfortable knowing what you can and can’t lift. Remember the key as with most things is tracking your progress and gradually increasing the difficulty as you progress.

After 45 minutes and knowing that I had an appointment soon to visit my nan at the care home, I decided to make a start on the bag. Again, taking it quite steady and working on footwork and movement as opposed to just going all out and trying to take it off the wall. I did 5 2-minute rounds with a 3 second break in-between each. First round was solely practising moving in and out, punching with my jab. Second round moving a little more around the bag using jab cross. Third round I brough kicks into the equation. 4th round was a free for all, but still maintaining control, and lastly something that was quite common when training in Thailand; holding onto the bag (clinch) and working alternate knees. Whilst 2 minutes of that felt pretty nasty, I just reminded myself that in Thailand it was 200 knees before and after training!

The last thing that’s worth mentioning is that I’m hoping to make use of this gym out of hours for my online gradings. Whilst I have a reasonable amount of space at home to practise it just won’t be big enough to perform Kata correctly. As you can see from the gym pictures, there’s plenty of room in the studio.


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