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Shotokan 9th Kyu Grading Result

Updated: Sep 10

Last night I received the outcome of my grading from the weekend.

When the email arrived, I had my phone hooked up to the TV to use Zoom for a Goju Ryu lesson. Which meant that it popped up on the screen just as we were doing the cool down.

It took me a second or two to realise what it was due to not having my glasses on, but most importantly I managed to pick up on the word CONGRATULATIONS!

I'd been unsure on how I would feel when I received my result. The thing that was in the back of my mind mostly was that If I had passed, I may feel I didn't deserve it. I guess that's me being overly critical, and having expectations of myself that are unrealistic at this point in the journey. But, I would rather be over critical than over confident!

As previous when I've submitted videos for review, the feedback was clear, concise, and balanced. The main things for me was that I didn't disagree with any of it and I know now what I need to focus on the most.

Shotokan training shall resume tonight, and I'm feeling nicely re-energised and motivated.

Edit: 10/09 - New Belt Arrived Today!



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