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So there's a couple of short points i'd like to write about this week.

Firstly, i've reached the stage where I'm able to sit my 9th Kyu Shotokan grading examination. I've maintained regular practise since I began this journey, and whilst i'm still slightly worried about a couple of small points, likely forgetting to kiai at the right point; overall i'm confident in my ability. So, all being well I will be recording that this weekend. I'm just waiting to hear when I can have private access to a gym to record the grading.

Last weekend I again ran 1 mile, and dropped the time down to sub 10 minutes, 9m 53s to be exact. My aim was sub 10 minutes so I really can't complain at that.

My training in general has been more frequent this week. In addition to my usual schedule, i've managed to fit in 2 morning sessions to work on my general fitness, allowing me to focus on Karate in an evening. As an added reason to keep this up, it helps me feel much more awake and ready for the day, before daddy duties and work begins.

Weight was 72.7kg this morning, which is 9.7kg down since 17th of May and the lowest i've been in over 2 years, possibly more! It may seem that my blogs tend to focus more on my fitness, but I wouldn't have the drive to do all of this if it wasn't for Karate. As it was in the past, Karate is the reason that I'm pushing myself to improve my fitness, and hopefully as a result my overall wellbeing.

Tomorrow i'm planning some early morning cardio followed by Shotokan practise in the evening. Friday will be mostly focussed on drilling the techniques for my grading, with Sunday as a day of rest, or as much rest as one toddler allows!


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