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Product Review - Mouthguard

So just a short post today, and I'm glad to say it's a positive one.

In the past I've struggled with the 'boil and bite' type mouthguards, and ended up getting a custom fit one. But, times have changed so I thought I'd give them another go. I'm being slightly optimistic, as even though the Goju Ryu classes are due to return to normal next week, social distancing is still in place. But, as I was expecting to try multiple products before finding one that worked, I decided to make a start.

So this is the product I went for. Which was £13.99 from Amazon

In the past I've tried a few of the Opro ones, and even a couple of cheaper options from general sports shops. Each time sadly without luck.

So, following the instructions diligently I went through the whole process, all the time expecting it to be a flop. But as I began fitting it to my mouth I was surprised to find it was immediately fitting nicely and was holding itself in place. I removed the mouthguard and popped it into cold water for 10 minutes as per the instructions, again expecting something to go wrong and it be totally out of shape when it had finished.

I'm very happy to report that I was wrong. It fits like a glove! So for the grand sum of £13.99 I would wholeheartedly recommend this product. As for protection, that is yet to be tested. But my days of hard sparring are likely past me, so I'm pretty sure it's going to provide adequate protection for any Kumite that I do.



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