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Online Shotokan Video Feedback

So I told myself last week that I would record a couple of short videos this week showing basic 9th Kyu techniques and send them to Sensei for feedback.

Monday night I recorded the videos but after watching them back I genuinely felt embarrassed to share the videos with anyone else. Heck, I didn’t even want to watch them myself.

Worth noting that I didn’t do multiple takes and pick the best one, I recorded once and that was it. When the time comes I will take the same approach with the grading, to replicate what it would truly be like face to face.

So anyway, what was so wrong with the videos?

Well, if anyone can remember the Bushwacker Brothers from the 90s and their signature walk, well in my eyes, that was my Age Uke and Gedan Barai rolled into one.

Having spent a number of years in other martial arts, the Shotokan stance was also proving challenging, particularly when it came to turning. I think I’m going to have to start walking to the shop in Zen Kutsudachi just to get the practise in.

I also wasn’t happy that I wasn’t wearing a Gi. I decided that I would shell out a little more for my Gi as when I did Karate previously it was never an option to buy a premium Gi. Anyway, my Gi arrived with paint and dirt on it, so naturally that went back and when I receive a refund I’ll be looking for another option.

Anyhow, I nervously typed up the email, attached the files, counted to 3 and hit send. A bit dramatic I know, but I was close to waiting another day and re-recording which isn’t going to help me any further.

This morning I saw that I had a reply. Now I wouldn’t take any offence at my videos being torn to pieces, I’ve had coaches who were absolutely ruthless when it came to correcting technique. I never minded, at the end of the day the reason we go to them is because they are masters of their art and we are not. Therefore, I feel it would be stupid to take offence if they tell you the truth.

Below is the feedback I got:

Morning Steve

Please don't beat yourself up about those moves but a couple of pointers for you:

On Gedan Barai squeeze the elbows together before blocking, more hip position and Hikite with the reverse arm.

On Age Uke not bad at all more hips (hanmi).

On Soto Uke, wrong hand position of blocking hand (knuckles facing head), finished block is too high (should be level with shoulder) and more hips.

On Oi Zuki, good effort more hips to Shomen at the finish and keep your fists clenched at all times.

The turn is incorrect as you are turning without the hands in the prepared position, look at module again .

Other than small points above Steve bloody good effort, thanks for sending them in. Correct all of above and resend please?



I’m happy with that, and it should be easy enough for me to put it into practise and improve. The feedback is nicely broken down by technique too.

So, that’s my task for the next week; and then Monday or Tuesday I’ll be re-sending and hopefully there will be an improvement.

Tonight I will be back on the bike working on my anaerobic capacity, along with focusing on my movement and turns in Zen Kutsudachi.


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