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My First Goju Ryu Lesson

So last night was my first Goju Ryu session which was via Zoom due to the club’s facilities not having had a risk assessment as yet. Worth pointing out that the premises aren’t owned by the club and therefore this is out of their control.

I managed to make a decent amount of space in the living room and hooked the iPad up to the tv without any issues, getting the camera in a decent position was challenging but overall it went well.

The beginning of the session started with warm up drills, followed by 5 step techniques. Initially these were similar to the Shotokan style I was more familiar with and I was overall happy with my performance, albeit a little less flexible than I used to be. It then went onto a number of techniques which I had never come across before, and I had to use my brain! I don’t think I necessarily did bad there, but I was out of my comfort zone, which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t know the whole history of Goju Ryu but it seems to have influences from Chinese martial arts, and these were the techniques I struggled with. But I’m sure I will pick it up.

So training sessions over Zoom, does it work?

I had a good workout, my heart rate was up, and I worked up a good sweat. I wasn’t struggling by any means, but that is what allowed me to pay attention and focus on techniques. Had I been exhausted that would have been much harder. The one thing I did struggle with was due to Sensei wearing a black Gi with limited lighting, I couldn’t always make out his stance which was challenging for Kata. But, this isn’t someone who planned to deliver sessions by Zoom, it’s simply a Sensei trying to do his best by his students and keep them training through this period; so I can’t fault him for that. He gave good feedback to students, and helped me with the Kata which were completely different to what I’d done before.

I have my second session there tonight, which I’m looking forward to.

Now time for breakfast, I made overnight oats with oat milk, mixed fruit, and nuts. I’ll be having a protein shake on the side too!

I'm expecting an exciting delivery tomorrow so look out for my next post on that

Stay safe!


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