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Little Update

I've been quiet for a while, so thought i'd best post a brief update on why.

My condition has been quite bad recently, which has meant exercising in any form has been rather painful. The knock on effect of less exercise for me has been quite low motivation, and overall not feeling myself.

So I had to make a choice on what to carry on with; for me that has been Goju Ryu. This isn't because I neccessarily prefer it, but more so that having scheduled lessons is motivational in itself. Which has meant that weight training and Shotokan has to come to an end for the time being.

The thing with Costochondritis is that it's very easy for me to trigger it, and therefore the less I do the more chance I have of doing something (if that makes sense). I hope one day it goes away forever; but until then I just have to manage it as best as I can.

For anyone considering studying Karate at home, I can thoroughly recommend it as long as you find a good school like I did. If anybody wants any pointers from the research I did, and the school I chose then feel free to get in touch.

I'll be testing a few activites over the next couple of weeks to try and find something I can do with minimal risk, and hopefully report back with some positive news

All the best


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