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I wanted to start with a little introduction on where I am now.

Let me start by saying i'm not a professional writer, just someone who wants to keep track of their journey.

I recently decided to return to martial arts after a 7 year break where family, work, and other things took priority. I do wish that I had continued my training over this time; but i'm also very happy with where i've got to and the life i've built.

I started my martial arts journey with Karate (Shotokan), and decided that a return to Karate is just what I need. Having looked for local clubs I found one but unfortunately it wasn't Shotokan but Goju Ryu. So, I will be giving that a go! Currently their classes are via Zoom due to current restrictions, and I have my first class tonight.

However, I still want to train Shotokan so scoured the internet and found an online option (i know, i know), which actually seems legit. They are a bricks and mortar school also and there is the option to go there to train/grade. So i'm going to try both, as well as working on my general fitness and diet which has been my focus throughout furlough.

In my coming blog posts i'll be talking about my experiences as i recommence training at 34 years old, more about fitness training and my diet, as well as more about my past experience.

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