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How to Improve Performance Easily

This is the first of 2 short blog posts I’ll be doing today.

It’s all about how I took 3m 48s off my 1 mile time in 2 weeks.

Sounds pretty impressive right?

In actual fact it’s not.

I should firstly start by saying I’ve never been a good runner, never enjoyed it, and doubt I ever will. But sometimes things you don’t enjoy are just what you need to add some variety to your routine. For me this was running 1 mile at the end of my Saturday morning gym session.

So the first time I did it was the 9th of August, and it took me 14m 31s, see; told you I wasn’t a good runner. This weekend it took me 10m 43s, result right?

Well in all honesty there’s nothing to show that I’ve actually improved.

The first time I did it I had nothing to aim for, and therefore I wasn’t pushing myself. The second time I did it, I was not only aiming to beat my previous time; I was aiming to smash it. It’s really that simple, unless you’re constantly measuring your progress, how do you know if you’re improving?

This weekend, I’ll be aiming for sub 10 minutes, which to someone who runs that’s absolutely nothing, but to me it would be huge. Even in my days of competing in MMA at what was probably my physical peak, I couldn’t run.

Once I beat 10m, I’ll be looking to gradually extend the distance whilst maintaining that pace.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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