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Home Gym Equipment

So last week I was thinking about what my home gym was missing. It occurred to me that when I’m at the gym on a weekend I always tend to use the cable machines, as it's not something I have access to at home. So, I began looking at options.

I was considering this:

It looks strong, and with my current setup in the garage fitting it should be a breeze. But then I came across this little contraption at £12.99!:

I had low expectations for that price, considering that most were £60+ but I went ahead and ordered it. It was delivered quickly and with tracking information which is always a bonus.

So far, I’m impressed. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect it to last a lifetime and I’m not loading it up with huge amounts, but for triceps work and movements like face pulls where you can use a reduced weight and increase time under tension, it's spot on.

It comes with handy strap fixings so you can attach it to just about anything you're able to wrap the strap around. I have a wooden frame attached to my garage roof from which I currently hang my heavy bag, and I’ve attached it to the same frame. I'll probably look for an extra pulley at some point so that I can add some extra stability, but for the time being I’m good to go and it's a great addition to my morning workout routines.

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