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Grading Invitation

So last week on Friday during class, I like many other students was handed an envelope and asked not to open it until later. Knowing that there was a grading in 2 weeks time it stood to reason that it was likely related.

Upon opening my letter I found that I was being asked to grade to Orange belt, which was a bit of a shock to be honest. In their syllabus there are 14 belts, which was a bit of a shock to me at first. However, I do understand that for those who progress somewhat slower, it allows them to progress still. If I was to complete individual gradings, I would have to complete 4 to achieve orange belt.

I’m still just about coping with the classes that I’m doing, as I’m writing this I’m aware that there’s a constant pain in my chest; and I really wish it would go away.

Nevertheless, whilst it is slowing me down it won’t stop me altogether. My weight is still coming down well and people have now started to notice and comment which is good. Last check I was down 12.5kg!


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