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Sod it, here’s post number three.

I was about to tag this on to the back of my last post but felt it deserved its own.

I wanted to write a quick summary on how my overall training was coming along.

So let’s start with my general fitness. I am definitely seeing an improvement, weights are going up and I’m able to work out for longer. I’m now setting goals for cardio and tracking weights better to ensure I’m following the principles of progressive overload in those areas. This morning I weighed in at 73.3kg which is just over 9kg down in around 3 months. As you can see from the screenshots I’ve been keeping it fairly consistent. It’s not difficult to see where I returned to work, and how that impacted things; along with an injury the week before. But I’m glad that I’ve been able to pick it back up and push on through.

In my Shotokan training I feel I’m now performing the techniques correctly, but they are not quite yet performed subconsciously. I do have to think with each technique, which is to be expected in the early days. But hopefully as time moves on, the movement will be performed naturally using muscle memory as opposed to conscious effort. If you’re not familiar with the conscious competence model, it’s an interesting way of looking at learning something new.

Goju Ryu I feel is coming along very well. As with the Shotokan I am still thinking about the techniques as I perform them; and the differences in technique do mean I need to remind myself which style I’m performing. But overall I’m very comfortable with this one, and due to local lockdown it looks like there won’t be a grading until October which gives me plenty of time to practise!


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