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Garage Gym Progress

So, here’s my second post for today!

Do you remember early on I said I would be converting my garage to give me somewhere to work out? I’ve finally got it into a useable position.

To give you a feel for what that entailed, here’s a couple of ‘before pictures’ Somewhere at the back of all of that was my equipment.

Now it had got into such a state because I thought I was unable to go to the tip in my van.

Turns out, as it’s a personal vehicle I just had to register and that would allow me 12 visits per year. So, 4 visits later and it looked like this.

Quite an achievement that took around 3 hours in total which isn't too bad considering only 1 person was allowed out of the vehicle at the tip, and there was wardrobes and all sorts under that mess.

Sunday I was able to spend time setting things up and organising. Now it’s still not complete, it needs a good vac and a wipe down, along with a second coat of paint; but I’ve finally got a dedicated space to work out when I’m at home. I’ve got a couple of flags on order to hide the storage space overhead, and tonight I’m going to collect my Olympic weights which I lent to a friend to maintain his bodybuilding training during lockdown. But here’s what I’m now working with!

I’ll still use my living room for practising Kata, as I have more space in there than the garage. I also need to find a suitable punch bag bracket to hand my bag; but for now I’m happy.


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