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An Exciting Delivery!

Friday was an important and exciting day in my journey, my white belt arrived.

You could be forgiven for not understanding why I would be excited about a white belt; hey I think the first time I wore one I may have even resented it a little.

Back then to me the white belt signified a lack of experience and It showed that I was the beginner. I had an ego back then, and I didn’t like it. The more time I spent studying martial arts, the more my ego shrank. To the point where I am here, excited to put on a white belt.

You see, the white belt still shows a lack of experience and that I’m a beginner, but I’m ok with that. In fact, I'm embracing that status.

But it also signifies something else for me, it marks my return to something which had a huge impact on my life, without me even realising it.

I was never good at sports as a kid, I was asthmatic and because of that I wouldn’t do well, and then I’d just give up. When I began studying Karate I was still out of shape and struggled with the lessons. But because I loved it, I did something about it. Instead of quitting I began going to the gym daily, I began eating better, and guess what, lessons weren’t as difficult anymore.

So, whilst it’s been several years since I last trained in martial arts, in that time I qualified as a PT, and as an S&C coach. None of that would have happened had I not agreed (whilst drunk) to go to a Karate class.

Note: I was only drunk when I agreed to it, I was sober in class 😂


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