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8th Kyu Material - Shotokan

Just a short one today...

As you know I recently passed my 9th Kyu grading, which released a whole new set of material for me to learn from. The first technique in the portal being Oi Zuki, which I learnt for my 9th Kyu. I’d been wondering if the content would be the same, so I jumped right in there to find out.

Whilst the content was naturally lighter than the 9th Kyu material; I’m happy to say it’s all new. The same applies for the other techniques I learnt previously, all focusing on small improvements which make all the difference. So, instead of getting carried away with the new techniques I’ve decided that the first few weeks will be specifically focussed on the techniques I already know, applying the feedback from my grading, and the 8th Kyu enhancements.

Then when I’m satisfied that I’ve made a reasonable improvement I will move on to the new techniques which include a kick and a block; both in a new stance I believe.


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