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1st Online Grading Video

So here's my experience of completing my first online grading video.

I treated this week in the same way I used to treat fight week. I backed off my training a little, aiming to be fully recovered when I recorded the video. I'm getting older now, and definitely feel the effects of training a little more. So I last trained Thursday morning, giving me a good couple of days to feel revitalised. Aches and pains are reduced, but as previously said, I'm still older and recovery isn't as good as it was!

As I've said before I'm fortunate enough to have been able to use a gym to record my video, which I thought would provide ample space. The gym itself was fine, but I was tricked by technology! Tip for anyone reading this who's doing the same. Don't believe what your iPad tells you! I was constantly checking that I was within the camera view, I even put markers on the floor to ensure I didn't go outside of the camera angle. But, when I got home and watched the video back it turned out the camera was recording a good metre either side, but wasn't showing that on the screen. Had I known that, I'd have aimed to go a little longer in my stance, but it is what it is. I completed a warmup round, and went for it!

Watching the video back, there's things I'm not happy with; and it would be easy enough to go and re-record the video. But, that to me wouldn't be a true reflection of a grading where you get one shot.

Now my plan for tonight was to sit back and enjoy a beer to celebrate my video being submitted. However, most likely due to being at the caravan and reception being poor I'm struggling to upload the video. So sadly the video will have to wait; but not the beer! As I've been focussing heavily on my fitness and training, it's been a while since I've had a drink and quite frankly, regardless of whether I pass the grading or not, I think I deserve it!

I have some new Karate mitts and a mouthguard being delivered on Monday so I'll be posting a short review of those next week, along with a review of some gym equipment I received this week but wanted a little longer to test it out before singing it's praises.

Have a great weekend!



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